Follow-Up to Back to Bokashi Post

Fermented Newspapers?

I talked about using newspapers for a bokashi bucket a few posts back.  Instead of using fermented wheat bran (read expensive) as a carrier for the bacteria that breaks down garbage in a bucket, you can also use old newspapers (free) in your bucket.  With this method you can also use the “dry” bucket method, which means that you do not have to drain the liquid off every other day in order to prevent it from becoming rancid.  With this method;

  • start with one to two inches of absorbent material (sawdust, straw, etc.) in bottom of bucket
  • cut up garbage and add in 1/2 inch layers, topped with a sheet of fermented newspaper.

I use a 5-gallon bucket that is about 14 inches tall, so I figure that I will need 28 sheets of fermented newspaper to do one bucket.  Here are a couple of pictures.

These newspapers were soaked in the rice wash/milk plus molasses solution, the excess was allowed to drip off, then put in a large freezer bag, excess air was squeezed out, then sealed and left in a cool, shady place (my basement).

Ever try to read a wet newspaper?

After 24 days, I took them out of the bag, spread them out, and allowed them to dry, thereby stopping the fermentation process.  Moisture from food scraps will reactivate the fermentation process.


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