Bokashi and Babysitting

Bokashi Overload

I am having a hard time remembering when I started my inoculated bran flakes and newspapers.  When you make your own inoculant from scratch, as I do, you end up with about a gallon of fermented lactobacillus.  A tablespoon of lactobacillus, mixed with a tablespoon of molasses and a cup of water is enough to inoculate one pound of bran flakes.  So, unless you are making a large batch of bokashi starter, you have over a half-gallon of lactobacillus mixture left over!

The leftover mixture only has a shelf life of a month, so I soaked about 50 sheets of newspaper today and closed them into airtight freezer bags.  Then I soaked a few more sheets of newspaper, tore them into strips, and added them to my worm bins.  The paper is bedding, but the worms love eating the bacteria!

I poured some more into my sprayer, added some compost tea, then proceeded to spray my garden and landscaping plants.  Finally, I dumped the rest onto my freshly started compost heap.  This will help break down the organic matter.


Two doctor’s appointments with grandchildren (missed the x-ray for the broken finger), a rare computer repair job, and plans to travel and help another relative cope with chemotherapy seem to dictate that I make my post today.


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recent last-minute retiree, husband, father, grandfather, student, technology nerd, fabricator, builder, etc., trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
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