Newer Old Computers: Part II

Desktop Upgrade

I had a few upgrades for the MPC Client Pro desktop computer that I referred to in my last post.  First, I downloaded and installed AVG Free Anti-Virus software, then set up Windows Updates and installed all critical updates.  Next, I swapped out the CD-R/DVD combo drive for a DVD-R drive.  I added speakers for sound and tried to play a movie.  It needed a codec, so I installed Power DVD, then it was ready.  Finally, it needed a wireless adapter, so that I could move it around.  I found an old d-Link PCI g card, installed the software, then installed the card.  I also installed another 512MB DDR memory chip while I had the case open.

Then, I got on the Internet and logged into one of my email accounts.  There was a message that said that this site needed a higher video resolution for optimal viewing, so I went into Control Panel and slid the video resolution bar all the way to the right.  Uh-oh!  Nothing but lines on the screen, can’t get back into Control Panel.  I restarted, got into BIOS once and changed the shared video RAM from 64MB to 256MB.  But this still didn’t help!  I could no longer figure how to get back into BIOS.  Finally, I shut the PC down and hooked up a newer monitor that I had on hand.  This allowed me to get back into Control Panel and turn down the settings so that the older monitor would work  Whew!

What am I going to do with this old computer?  Eventually, I need to install a Cat 6 networking jack in the basement room where the computer is located, so that I can hook up my newly-acquired Cisco switch, along with some routers and set up a VOIP lab.  The Cat 6 cable is already run from my Internet router upstairs.

But for now, I may loan the computer to my daughter, so that I can upgrade her CPU from a 1.6GHz dual-core to a faster quad core and speed up a sluggish computer.  I will have to do my research first.  I guess that I am a minimalist, but I just love tinkering with old computers!


About reluctantretiree

recent last-minute retiree, husband, father, grandfather, student, technology nerd, fabricator, builder, etc., trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
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