Feed Your Dirt?: Part Two

Garden’s Done

When I say feed your dirt, I am referring to improving your soil which will benefit anything that is growing in that soil.  Since I did not plant a fall garden (my bad!), I still need to use the output of my compost pile, worm bins, and bokashi buckets.  I have several bags of leaves that I have mulched with my lawnmower, plus a bale of straw. I explained in my last post that I buried the curds from a rye/milk wash in two of the bags.  In the other three bags I poured most of the kombucha tea/molasses/worm casting mixture from the three bottles that had been fermenting for a week in my basement.

With the remainder in the jugs, I mixed in some more molasses, worm castings, and water, then poured the mixture in the bags in order to get all the leaf mulch wet.  I also emptied out one of my bokashi buckets that had finished fermenting into all five bags.  I will let these bags set outside until spring then use them.


I found that a bale of straw would just fit in a heavy-duty large garbage bag, so I put the bale of straw in.  Then I added some of the fermented garbage, plus some of the tea mixture in order to inoculate the straw.  I then put another bag across the top to seal out air.


fermenting straw bale


It has been fermenting for about a week.  I think that I will spread most of the straw out on my yard and run the mower one more time to chew up the rest of the leaves on my yard.  I will save a little bit of straw to absorb the liquid in my bokashi buckets.  What do you do with your garbage?



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