Black Friday Bargains

Magnavox BD player

It’s the Day After Thanksgiving!

Well, yeah!  If you have Thanksgiving at your house, you are tired afterwards.  Not as tired as my wife who did a lot of the cooking and preparation.  In past years I have woke up in the dark, stood in line, and envied the people who were smart enough to bring corrugated cardboard along to stand on in order to insulate their feet from the cold concrete sidewalk.

Anyways, my twelve-year-old grandson wanted to experience this event.  He loves garage sales and electronics swap meets.  Where did he decide to go?  Kohls.  He wanted to buy some jewelry that he had seen in a flier for a present.  He got the early bird price, over 80% off, and was satisfied.

Too Late for Other Sales

It was now after one pm.  Too late for the other early-bird specials, but we stopped at WalMart anyways.  I was surprised to see a stack of Magnavox (Latin for “Great Voice”) Blue-Ray disc players for sale.  Apparently, they did not sell as well as anticipated, because they scanned for $69. I bought one, took it home and hooked it up to my TV with the HDMI cable that I normally used to hook up to a laptop to watch movies. The bonus was that this unit had a built-in wireless adapter which costs up to $60 extra on other BD players.

I went through setup. The player automatically detected my home WiFi network. I typed in my password using the remote, then updated the firmware wirelessly over the Internet. After setting up a Vudu account online I also received a $10 credit toward movie rental with a choice of SD, 720p, or 108p definition movies, plus a purchase option. I also now had several apps available. So I logged into my Facebook, Twitter, and flickr accounts on the Magnavox.

What movies am I planning to watch? I don’t own any BlueRay movies yet, but I enjoyed hooking it up, learning about new technology, and shopping with my Grandson.


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recent last-minute retiree, husband, father, grandfather, student, technology nerd, fabricator, builder, etc., trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
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