Winter Bokashi

No Poster

Yeah, that’s been me, no blogging for a couple of months.  More important things going on; a grandson who had pneumonia, a gallstone, Kawasaki’s disease (he was so yellow that he was orange, bilirubin, 27), and finally a ruptured gall bladder that necessitated emergency surgery.  He was also born with half a heart, which only complicated things.  He thought it was unfair to celebrate two holidays in the (actually, two different) hospital.  I agree!

Rye Bokashi

Here’s a not-so-good picture of my red worms eating fermented garbage from a bokashi bucket using newspapers inoculated with a rye/milk mixture.  The rye did double duty.  I planted the seed in my garden as a green cover crop.

Kombucha Bokashi

I started another bokashi bucket after the New Year.  Yes, it contains meat scraps.  It is about 3/4 full.  I am fermenting this bucket using newspapers that have been innoculated with refermented kombucha tea with molasses and my worm castings added.  So far, it’s working.  Between the trouble-free kombucha tea-fermenting, my bokashi buckets, and worm bins, I am composting nearly all of my edible food scraps, along with a big pile of newspapers.  This will have to satisfy me until it is warm enough to get outside and feed my soil.


About reluctantretiree

recent last-minute retiree, husband, father, grandfather, student, technology nerd, fabricator, builder, etc., trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
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5 Responses to Winter Bokashi

  1. shanegenziuk says:

    Great work on the site mate, and thanks for stopping by. Your composting efforts look very effective.


  2. christina says:

    I’m gearing up to start a bokashi bin in addition to my existing worm bin, do you feed your fermented bokashi scraps, meat and all, to your worms after its done fermenting?


  3. Wow, for once a composting method I haven’t heard of! Now you’ve got the gears turning in my head and I just have to research it! Thanks for the ‘like’ on my blog by the way…looks like I’ll be dropping by here more often, you’ve got some interesting stuff goin on!


    • Being retired on a fixed income, I appreciate your frugal tips. I think you are going to like doing bokashi. It takes a little research to learn how, but after you catch on you can compost more items (meat and fat) with less greenhouse emissions. Your worms will absolutely love it, too! Thanks for the comment.


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