Leaf Mold and Worms

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Biodegradable Bags

Bags of leaf mold

These bags of leaf mold have been sitting outdoors since last fall.  I put a shovel of garden soil and a gallon of water in each one as I filled them.  I would have liked to alternate layers of bokashi with the leaves when filling the bags, but none was ready at the time.  I did eventually put a few handfuls of bokashi in a couple of the bags and cover with leaves and it seems to have broken down.  I have been able to pour some coffee grounds and kombucha tea that has been re-fermented with worm castings and molasses into the tops of all of the bags.  I think the contents still mostly look like shredded leaves, but I suspect that they are teeming with beneficial cultured microbes.  Anyhow, the bags are decomposing and tearing as shown in the above picture, when I try to move them.  This is the end of anaerobic composting, but I have other plans for the leaves after I gather and make some more ingredients.

Ecology Steward

Science Fair

Here’s a picture of one of my grandsons and his grade school science project.  He got a 1st Place (Blue Ribbon) for his vermiposting display.  He asked me to help get him started.  I drilled the holes for the vents and he did the rest.  The school PR person interviewed him, took his picture, and said that she had never seen an exhibit like it.  It was one of the more popular hands-on exhibits.  Even the principal put on the gloves to dig in the bedding and get a close-up encounter with the red wigglers.  While other exhibitors left the fair, my grandson stayed to talk to anyone who would listen to him.  I think he liked the experience and I could not have been prouder!


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2 Responses to Leaf Mold and Worms

  1. Joanne says:

    Thanks for the Like on my blog for my bokashi post. I can see I can learn alot from you! I had been wondering how to make my own bokashi innoculant, and I see that you have been using Kombucha tea. I’ll have to give that a try! 🙂


    • Yes, I brew kombucha tea and use some of it as a bokashi innoculant. It’s pretty foolproof and does not stink up the house like some other methods I’ve used when they fail. Good luck!


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