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Mountain Storm

A couple of washes, then Derwent watercolor pencils for the rest; some put on dry, some using pencils dipped in water, and some put on dry, then brushed over. Advertisements

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Here’s a bluebird that I painted using my Winsor and Newton travel set with 14 half-pans of watercolor.  A damp brush across a pan produces vivid colors, although the background was made using dilute values with a glazing technique.  This … Continue reading

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My latest effort. I was attempting to focus the foreground and have the background less in focus.

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        Refer to PA1, PA2  

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Rejuvenated after a little R&R with friends in northern Wisconsin. Time to head back to school, including watercolor adventures. No worms were injured in this exercise.  

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Lord Krishna?

A Smurf? (This was Matraca’s guess, though she seriously liked the painting.), a member of Blue Man Group? My friend Krishna informed me that she was named after the 8th (and later) incarnation/avatar of Vishnu, a “real” Indian. Krishna is … Continue reading

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Glazed Pumpkin

Happy belated Halloween! This is the glazing technique, wet on dry, in layers (mostly). The boards look a little warped after I tore the paper off the block.

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