Bluebird on Channel Iron Post

Bluebird on Channel Iron Post

15310798564_727fec1dc9_oHere’s a bluebird that I painted using my Winsor and Newton travel set with 14 half-pans of watercolor.  A damp brush across a pan produces vivid colors, although the background was made using dilute values with a glazing technique.  This is a Western Bluebird (no orange or yellow on the breast).

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My latest effort. I was attempting to focus the foreground and have the background less in focus.

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Refer to PA1, PA2PA3


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2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Thanks, Matraca!

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Rejuvenated after a little R&R with friends in northern Wisconsin. Time to head back to school, including watercolor adventures. No worms were injured in this exercise.


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Lord Krishna?


A Smurf? (This was Matraca’s guess, though she seriously liked the painting.), a member of Blue Man Group? My friend Krishna informed me that she was named after the 8th (and later) incarnation/avatar of Vishnu, a “real” Indian. Krishna is frequently portrayed with blue skin. My intent was to not to try to render a red skin tone. In my mind, this man is brave, proud, and concerned/worried, not impulsive/quick to anger, therefore should be a cooler color. His severely wind-chapped skin reveals a life lived outdoors in tune with nature.

Unfortunately my reference has no title. His hairstyle resembles Chief Joseph. Is he Nez Pearce? Plains Indian? I could use some help ID’ing him so that  I could learn more about him. Let’s hear from the Native Americans. BTW, Sitting Bull and eleven other Native Americans were killed on this date in 1890.

Oh yeah, about that huge asteroid hurtling toward him. Remember all those candy bar wrappers you threw out the car window? Payback is hell!

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Glazed Pumpkin


Happy belated Halloween! This is the glazing technique, wet on dry, in layers (mostly). The boards look a little warped after I tore the paper off the block.

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